10 Nov 2018

Wine Tastings, Gift Vouchers and Cumbria go hand in hand

Wine tastings in Cumbria with a gift voucher

In Cumbria and in the neighbouring areas it is possible to gift a wine tasting voucher as a unique present. Perhaps a great idea for Christmas?

And, once the recipients have recovered from the festive period or whatever the occasion was, they can organise their own wine tasting, together with family and friends. And, they can decide whenever they would like to hold it and where!

Another great excuse to get together again. The tastings are fun and accessible to all, especially if some or most of the guests ‘know nothing about wines’. The tastings can be extended with a quiz, adding to the fun factor of the event and create a little competition among the guests. Furthermore, it can help getting a little more confidence (and knowledge) in the subject of wines.

It is to be hoped that you get invited yourself, as you were the one that got the present in the first place!

The gift voucher does not have to be for Christmas; the voucher can be for any celebration. Birthdays, work parties, hen parties and more.

The ones that receive the present do not have to do much. They have to set a date, a location and, on based on the numbers, arrange a (few) table(s) and some chairs. We bring the rest; the wines, glasses, spittoons, tasting sheets and the rest.

The tasting can be our regular one, themed by e.g. nations or maybe a session based on Sparkling Wines & Champagnes. There are plenty of options and we are more than happy to discuss this with you?

How to go about it?
Please contact, include your contact (phone) details, together with a short description of your thoughts and we will contact you shortly after by phone. Together we can discuss the plans and how to proceed.

Even if you just would like to enquire, please feel free and let us know your questions.

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