12 Jan 2019

Wine tasting Cumbria – New models

Full line-up for the new season.

This time more than 50 ‘models’ for the annual photo-shoot. Polished and well groomed, from around the world, from Chile to Turkey, Lebanon, Germany to Israel and more. A wide range of red and white wines.

You can follow these reviews week by week;

For your own private wine tasting in Cumbria, our fact sheet;


In some cases the reviewed wines make part of the wine tastings that we hold for private parties. These parties can be for a variety of occasions. From hen parties to wedding celebrations and more. The private tastings can be organised in Cumbria and its neighbouring areas. As said before, if you would like more information, feel free to ask and contact us.

There is no hard sell,  to buy wines at the end of the session. You only pay for the wines of the tasting, which we agree with you beforehand.

PS. We do wine tasting gift vouchers! An idea as a present?

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