Vin de Savoie
Vin de Savoie
A white from France’s Alpine country, Savoie
France, Savoie, Vin de Savoie, Antoine Barrier, AOC, 2014

North and south from the main town of Savoie, Chambéry, a small, but increasing number of vineyards are growing wines. They are widely spread out over the area due to the landscape and the conditions, such as the snow in the winter on the mountains and the cool from the lakes in the summer, all close to the Swiss border. The basic AOC for the region is simply Savoie or Vin de Savoie, with a further 16 individual crus, with some stricter guidelines.

White is the main player, with red and rosé being a small production. The majority of white is made from the Jacquère grape, which is hardly grown anywhere else outside Savoie. Under the private label of Antoine Barrier this wine is presented, made for a major French supermarket, through their purchasing scheme of Scamark. The actual merchant-producer is Maison Philippe Viallet, based in Apremont, just south from Chambéry, making wines since 1966 and a wine merchant since 1985.
£ 6.00
Best Served:
9-11 °C
11.5 %
Review Date:
20 . 07 . 2016
France, Savoie
Wine specifics
Ready to drink. Fresh, dry, light, fruity hints. Serving fish, salads, on its own, fondue, light cheeses. Obtained in France. Cork. Embossed bottle, all around the neck, with the mountain range, the coat of arms and the name of Savoie.
With the variety of wines produced in this area it is hard to believe that they all fall simply under the Savoie AOC. There is a great diversity, in white, red and rose; due to the grape varieties and growing conditions. All in all they are affordable wines, matching many from other French regions. The main wine producing area is south of Chambéry, with two particular Crus, namely Apremont and Abymes. For whites, the main grapes are Jacquère and Altesse.
Review Date:
20 . 07 . 2016