Tagus Creek
Tagus Creek
Chardonnay, Fernão Pires
The winery combines traditional Portuguese grape varieties with international ones, in this case Chardonnay and Fernão Pires, produced by Falua Sociedade de Vinhos, owned by Joao Portugal Ramos
Portugal, Tagus Creek, Vinho Regional Tejo, Chardonnay & Fernão Pires, 2013

This wine is from the Ribatejo (‘shores of Tejo’) region, north east of Lisbon, with the river Tejo running through it. Portuguese Tejo stands for Tagus; the longest river in the Iberian peninsula, running well into Spain.

The business started in the more southern Alentejo region, expanding in 2004 to the Ribatejo region with a modern winery, especially intended to make wines for the export market. A more accessible wine, moving away from the traditionally known products, such as sweet fortified wines, port and Mateus wines, now out of favour (however, it is coming back!). A lot of the country’s wines are produced for the home market.
£ 8.00
Best Served:
8-10 °C
12.5 %
Review Date:
15 . 04 . 2015
Portugal, Ribatejo
Wine specifics
Ready to drink. Clean, dry, hints of fresh fruit. Serving fish, seafood, salads,white meats. A Tejo authenticity sticker on the back of the bottle. Obtained in the UK. Screwtop.
The company is now established in various Portuguese regions, including recently in the northern area of Vinho Verde. On the label a drawing of a fly fishing double hook, as well as text in Braille. Vinho Regional (VR) is a classification for the lower level wines, with the ‘higher end’ wines called Do Tejo DOC; all part of IGP (Indicação Geogràfica Protegida). The Fernão Pires grape is known for producing spicy aromatic wines, drunk young.

Review Date:
15 . 04 . 2015