Swiss Valley
Swiss Valley
Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir from one of the Swiss valleys, along the Rhône River
Switzerland, Swiss Valley, Pinot Noir, Valais AOC, 2010

Valais is Switzerland’s largest wine region, situated in mountainous south-west Switzerland, ‘Land der Sonne’. Many independent growers, with the processing by cooperatives, in this case in the region by the dominant Provins, Valais. In 1930 this cooperative was founded, as the winegrowing was difficult in those days. Initially working together meant they could make processing the grapes easier and later it worked much better to market the wines and these days they represent 10% of all of the Swiss wines.

There are 3400 members-grape suppliers, as well as having a membership scheme to own your own bit of vineyard, which has so far reached 240 hectares. The main plant is in Sion, with several other facilities spread out through their region. Their facilities are among the most modern and the wines the most award winning ones in Switzerland. Slowly more export.
£ 12.00
Best Served:
14-16 °C
13.5 %
Review Date:
16 . 04 . 2015
Switzerland, Valais
Wine specifics
Ready to drink. Easy, light, fruity, hints of cherry, raspberry and floral. Serving with red meat, poultry, cheese. Obtained in the Netherlands, may not be available in the UK. Screwtop. Grape Pinot Noir (Blauburgunder).
The river Rhône runs through the Valais wine valley and Lac Léman connects it up with the French Rhône. The Valais vineyards are mostly between the towns of Brig to Martigny (east to west), with a little more between Martigny and Lac Léman. The Valais has around 20.000 growers and Provins deals with approx. 20% of the Valais valley wines.
Review Date:
16 . 04 . 2015