Wine from the town of Bento Gonçalves, ‘wine capital of Brazil’
Brazil, Miolo Family Vineyards, Fronteira-Campanha, Merlot, 2009

The vineyards of the Miolo family are located in the south of Brazil, the Rio Grande do Sul state, in the town of Bento Gonçalves, ‘wine capital of Brazil’. Brazil is considered an upcoming wine producer and now exports more of their wines.

The wine was aged for a year in oak barrels in the caves of the cooperating wineries, this one from the Fronteira-Campanha region, bordering with Uruguay and Argentina, where they grow the Merlot, among others. The family owns a substantial amount of vineyards and also work together with another 80 regional producers.

£ 7.00
Best Served:
16 - 18 °C
13.0 %
Review Date:
10 . 03 . 2015
Brasil, Fronteira-Campanha
Wine specifics
Ready to drink. Full-bodied, elegant, some vanilla hints. Serving red meats, meaty pasta, strong cheeses and grilled dishes. Obtained in the Netherlands, may not be available in the UK. Screwtop.
The state’s wine making started with the arrival of Italian immigrants, going back as far as 1875. Miolo, established in 1897, is now part of the Miolo Wine Group, which started since 2006 with a number of national and international partners, in Argentina, Chile and in Spain with Osborne. This wide range means that they can create an extensive range of quality wines, for export, as well as for the traditional home market. This Merlot is linked to the Seival Estate Vineyards.

Review Date:
10 . 03 . 2015