27 Dec 2018

Wedding Fairs Cumbria increasing popularity

Wedding Fairs Cumbria increasing popularity.                                                                                          In Cumbria the popularity of wedding fairs has increased further.  furthermore, it has also been noticeable that the number of venues organising fairs has strongly grown. And, 2019 is not different, with more shows early in the New Year than ever before.

Our wedding fair calendar for the Cumbria region has now been going for a number of years. We have noticed This increase. These events can be found on

This calendar for Cumbria and The Lake District is updated regularly.

Great variety in Fairs these days.                                                                                                                There has though been a shift in the type of events. The fairs were at one time usually on a Sunday. However, these days venues choose for a variety in approaches, such as open days-evenings and showcases.  In these cases, the venue tends to be the main attraction and is sometimes supported by a small selection of (some of) its key wedding services suppliers.  A cat-walk is not always a feature in the programme.

The showcases can at the same time be held on other days than Sundays. Some  make it even into a two-day event over a weekend.

Weddings and Hospitality.                                                                                                                              The wedding market is important for the hospitality industry in general and for Cumbria and its Lake District it is no different. By getting this kind of attention and exposure these fairs can contribute very well to the venues. At the same time, they also give the bride & groom an insight, as well as an opportunity to visit all these venues. This can be at times all in one weekend or at least within a reasonable time spell.

And, there is so much to choose from. It ranges from your traditional hotels, to halls, castles to barns and more. You can do a lot yourself and/or have the full service. There is something for every budget and the actual wedding ceremony can often be on-site when a venue is licensed to do so.

Many of the venues have their own coordinator(s). These coordinators are often the organisers of these fairs. The suppliers at these fairs are most of the time linked to the venues as regular suppliers. However, the customer chooses ultimately their own service providers.  It can be beneficial though to work with a supplier that is familiar with the venue, but ‘shopping around’ does no harm and is always advisable.

Many couples would like their wedding to be different. A challenge. Fairs can help in that field, giving the opportunity to see a variety of service in one room, usually from local or regional suppliers. Very handy if you are not from this region.

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