28 Nov 2019

Wedding Fairs Cumbria 2020

Next year we will continue with the Calendar of Wedding Fairs Cumbria 2020.

For a number of years we have successfully published wedding events throughout the county and just beyond. And next year is not an exception, giving again an insight of the dates of the many wedding events throughout our wonderful region, incl. The Lake District. It shows all the venues with their address details and they are all suitable for organising and holding your event.

What we see is that there are some ‘seasons’ for these events, with the beginning of the year often being the busiest, followed by the autumn. At the same time not everyone ‘decides’ early in the year, therefore more and more venues hold (often smaller) showcases several times a year and spread them out through the year. Wedding fair/fayres and/or showcases are all in this same calendar for 2020.

The Calendar;

By the way, ‘Your own Private Wine Tasting‘,  an idea for you?

We would like to point out a suggestion which you may like to include at some stage within your own wedding plans; ‘Your Own Private Wine Tasting’. For more free information, info@thedutchman. org or for our factsheet,

Wine tastings can be for hen parties, smaller weddings, birthday celebrations and many more occasions. The location can be a hotel, B&B with a private room, self catering and so on.

For Wedding Event Organisers

As before, you can keep us informed on your event(s) and we will post them for free. We have experienced it as a very useful service and have a good number of visits to our site. We hope to contribute to your success, as well as showcase our region as one of the best in the UK to have a wedding celebration.