27 Jun 2018

We are on 200 wine reviews now!

We are on 200 wine reviews now. It seems so recent when I wrote about my 150 wine reviews and now another 50 have been added since.

Apart from the ‘usual’, such as France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Chile, many others countries have been covered. Some examples are: The Netherlands, Moldova, Poland, Canada, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Morocco, Uruguay.

Then I could mention; Argentina, Hungary, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Greece, USA, Portugal, South Africa and Mexico.

The search continues! More reviews are lined up;

Several of the reviewed wines have been used in my Wine Tastings, which I continue to host in The Lakes and Cumbria; for more details,

With help and design, again a great thank you to svsdesign, assisting me along the way over the years.

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