21 Sep 2015

Visiting Louis Sipp in Ribeauville, Alsace

It had been on the list for a long time to visit the Alsace and the moment had come. Ribeauville was the basis for a week and it gave an excellent opportunity to witness the harvest, fairs and the wines.

The harvest was in full swing every where, each within their time slots and for their various wine types.

Visiting Louis Sipp in Ribeauville, Alsace, was a high light and sampling some of their selection was good and, not being a white wine drinker really, it showed again that there is white wine and there is white wine. We ended up with a number of their wines and we will sample them further with pleasure in due course.

The Sipp wines are to be reviewed in due course on this site. It will be: Grossberg Pinot Noir 2011, Steinacker Riesling 2014, Kirchberg Riesling 2009 and Pinot Noir, Nature ‘S, 2012.

Whilst dining in the area, with so much German influences, various Alsace wines were sampled and it proved that the quality and standard of these wines is excellent. Even the reds!

This very picturesque area is worth another visit in the future.