21 Sep 2018

Private wine tastings Cumbria

Private wine tastings in Cumbria for you?

With the festive period coming up and plans are being made, perhaps one idea to consider!

Your own wine private wine tasting at home, your staff party or hen party (even in self-catering), in the Lake District; basically in and around Cumbria. Whatever the occasion, we can just do it for you.

Over the years private wine tastings were held for e.g. work parties, hen parties and birthdays. In nearly all cases the wine tasting were bespoke. There are many options and we love to include your thoughts for your own private tasting.

Just ask and we can discuss it further together. A fact sheet link is below, but if you have other ideas, just share them and probably we can oblige. A challenge and/or something new is always of interest to us.

For a quick fact sheet –

For some reviews –

By the way….
Did you know that you can also buy a private wine tasting as a present for somebody else. with a quick phone call, we make a gift voucher for you and you can give it to the lucky one. The gift voucher could be for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion that deserves celebrating. And, hopefully you get invited.

To contact us
Include a phone number and a short summary of your thoughts and then we will contact you as soon as possible.

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