08 Apr 2019

Interim Hotel General Manager available UK

Interim Hotel General Manager available UK; Hotel General Manager specialising in interim positions

Looking for an Interim Manager at GM level for your hotel or hospitality business?

There are several scenarios where this may be needed, such as:

– You are recruiting, but you do not have anyone in the role at present and could do with that cover?

– You are planning a holiday for yourself, but who is going to look after my business?

– An appointment is coming up for (an urgent) hospital appointment and who is going to replace you for a while?

Therefore, why not get in touch with me! I specialise in interim cover and can easily ‘slot in and out’ of your business as required. No need for a set period or a contract.

I am currently available and ready for the next opportunity. This can be anywhere in the UK and even beyond. So, if you are looking, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Together we may come up with a way forward. As for my experience. Many types of properties have been covered over the years, from small to large, from corporate to country house and more. And, all at senior GM level. It is not a problem for me to forward a full CV to you.

Obviously it is possible that you do not need somebody right now, but you know of somebody else who does. Please share.

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