20 Oct 2019

Holiday GM cover Cumbrian Hotel

Holiday GM cover Cumbrian Hotel, this time mid October 2019. In the meantime, more importantly, the owners were on a well deserved break enjoying the UK this time, a proper ‘staycation’!

So, where did this holiday cover in a Cumbrian Hotel take place? It was a local, small and great hotel in the Lake District.

Again it was a great and enjoyable time for me, now for the 4th time, with satisfied hotel and restaurant guests from around the world. Like on previous occasions, it was live-in, 24/7 very hands-on, whilst working together with the hotel’s small team! The management cover was, as usual, well prepared beforehand and with an in-depth handover, before and after.

On a day-to-day basis I assisted during breakfast, dinner and bar service, checking-in/out of guests, daily administration, reservations for rooms and the restaurant and more.

You can enquire on my current availability, 2020 or beyond (maybe for your B&B or hotel?). The contact details are:

Sharing. It would be greatly appreciated if you share this service. You may know somebody who can benefit from this all-year round service. And, this service can go well beyond the Cumbrian borders. Either for holiday or interim general management, in emergencies or planned. Feel free to contact me and ask the question;

Received their feedback by email the day after:
”All back to normal and nothing seems to be outstanding.  Its great to come back and not have to go through every single receipt and bill.”