13 Apr 2019

Hen Party Ideas Cumbria Wine Tasting

Hen Party Ideas for you with a Wine Tasting in Cumbria?

You may like to plan some entertainment for your party when you are in The Lake District-Cumbria for one or more nights? Therefore, below, a description of a wine tasting that we have done and it is an example. We love to discuss your plans. Yours may be completely different. The location is yours as well.

This example was a wine tasting was for ‘Clare’s Hen Party’.

Clare’s Hen Party was hosted in their self-catering house in Windermere, Cumbria. There was a selection of wines; white, red and Champagne. The selection was arranged by me. The tasting was part of their weekend away in ‘The Lakes’ for 12 ladies. The tasting was held in the dining room and all sat around the big table.

The evening started with an insight in some of the ‘tools of the trade’, which were spread out over the big table.

The wine selection for the whites went from Slovenia – Pinot Grigio to the Savoie in France  – Jacquère. For the reds from California – Zinfandel to a Visan from the Rhône region – Grenache. And it finished with a blind tasting of 2 Champagnes.

Lots and lots of questions from the party made it all very enjoyable, lively and interesting for all. Subsequently, after the wine session, 12 more wine connoisseurs were added to the total! See below for the link of their review.

Where do the wine tastings take place and what do we prepare?

The tastings take place at a location of your choice. Space permitting, this could be in your B&B, Hotel, Self Catering and so on. Furthermore, we can add a wine quiz to the programme at no extra cost. A quiz can contribute nicely towards the knowledge, fun and add some good lively competitiveness. Tasting sheets, glasses, spittoons and more are taken care of by us. No washing up to do. Not from the wine tasting anyway! All details will be discussed with you beforehand. Together we easily prepare for the day and that way you know what to expect for you and your guests. We may arrange a site visit with the venue well before. This is possibly part of that preparation and we will arrange that directly with the accommodation provider.


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