31 Jan 2018

Growing interest in wine tastings in the Lake District in Cumbria

More and more venues in the Lake District in Cumbria list wine tastings as ‘something to do’ for their guests and The Dutchman gets increasingly recommended and asked for this.

Which venues and why?
Self-catering properties such as Howgills Accommodation in Sedbergh and Simgill Farm Cottages in Grayrigg nr. Kendal are listing the wine tastings. It helps their guests with ideas for their stay. These self catering properties experience that the guests welcome these suggestions and that it can enhance their time in the area.

History of tastings.
The Dutchman has now been doing private wine tastings in the lake district in cumbria for over the last 4 years and another 8 years before that at a local hotel. This was at one of Lake District’s best known hotels’, situated right on Lake Windermere, Storrs Hall. The locations for the tastings have been eg. hotels, self-catering properties and village halls. The tastings have been for parties, celebrations, dinners, hen parties and weddings, just to mention a few of the occasions.

Growing interest in exploring wines.
There is a growing interest in exploring wines. Guests (and, as mentioned above, in some cases the owners of the venues) are constantly looking for new things to do. Wine tastings can be an option for this and they work very well in a group setting. However, the participants do not need to have (wine) knowledge. Taking part is key, especially enjoying it and learning something along the way is what it is all about, together with (often) friends and/or family.

Where are these tastings?
The area that we cover is the Lake District, Cumbria and its surrounding area.

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