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Approach & Services
What does it mean 'Approach & Services'?
Our Consultancy can help your hospitality business succeed by providing anything from advice to interim-relief management, holiday cover and more.

Have a look below at the approach and all the services on offer and if there are questions, feel free to contact us.

'Providing Solutions in Hospitality'

Ultimately The Dutchman is here to provide the solution(s)….. But first, the approach; we like to listen, discuss and take stock.

Openness and frankness are important, as is confidentiality. You might already have some ideas; perhaps it just needs organising and carefully implementing?

Patient, fun, calm, reasonable, fair, honest, motivational, open minded and constructive, these are just some of the characteristic that drive The Dutchman.

Please feel free to have a word.

Our motto is often proven.
‘people with people, for people ….’

'Thanks also for your time and support at our hotel, made good progress from early January''
Hotel nr. Leeds - March '15
The Dutchmans' services include:
Interim-Relief Hotel Management

Interim-relief Hotel Management, for covering holidays, sick leave, hospital treatment, maternity leave, etc. We can help you out and look after your business on your behalf. This could be just for a few weeks or longer.

Or, perhaps you do not have a manager at the moment and you are recruiting for a new manager. Maybe you need a little more time in the recruitment process?

Again, we can fill that gap.

Interim-relief hotel management is based on a period of a minimum of a week. The Dutchman has a personal licence.

>> Hotel owner’s quote, following their holiday cover, July 2017:
‘its has been very enlightening leaving the business in your hands and of course very good to get constructive feedback from you on our hotel’

>> And, May 2018:
‘Everything was  in order and life carried on seamlessly the next day’

Hotel Consultancy

You are looking for full hotel consultancy, a little management advice or ‘change management’?

Together with you we can look at a very wide range of areas within your business. Scan your business plan with a fresh pair of eyes. From sales to bottom-line and everything in between. Small operations or large, we cover all forms within the hospitality sector.

As a hotel consultancy we give advice and together we set targets. Maybe we decide together as well to combine that advice with our actual hands-on involvement. With our extensive experience in hospitality, we can therefore take it a step further. Assist you ‘on the floor’. It can save time among other things.

The focus is on getting the plan implemented and accepted, as well as laying the foundation for a confident and better business in the future.

Let us help you making a fresh (re)start.

Event Management

As a business, you have an idea for an event. So, ‘how do I tackle event management’? ‘Where do I go to get the marquee, the equipment, the food, the staff, etc?’ And, of course you want to be free on the day to oversee the event? Perhaps this event is the template for future events? You need help in event management?!

We can tailor help and advice to your requirements in event management. All it needs is an initial conversation. What do you envisage? Do you need some suggestions for practical solutions, help in budgeting or supervision on the day? Perhaps you are interested in doing an evaluation afterwards or need help tidying up all the loose ends.

Wedding Management

As a hotel would you like to expand in this area and you could do with some help in this field; some wedding management pointers?

Weddings are seen by many as a growth market! It is a world of detail, showing confidence, patience and consistency. For the venue it is a regular affair and for the ‘bride and groom’ it is not. To get this kind of business it requires skill and a sense of reliability and honesty.

How do I get it right? What do I need to do to ensure the best experience? How do we make the day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for all parties concerned?

The Dutchman can screen your plans, perhaps be present during (some of) the stages of the reservation(s) or even be involved in on an actual wedding day in order to give feedback.

We love to share the many years of experience in the wedding market with you.

Private Wine Tastings in Cumbria

During the tasting you and your guests will enjoy the experience by means of handy tips on how to taste wine, how to read a label and more.

The tasting is not meant to be an over-serious experience and is an ideal ‘ice breaker’, especially when the guests do not know each other very well.


Hotel Mystery Guest

It never hurts to have an outsider look at your hotel business. ‘How do we come across?’ ‘Are we meeting expectations, will the guests come back and will they talk positively about us?’ Call in the hotel mystery guest!

One thing you know for sure. The guests will definitely talk about you when it goes wrong.

As a hotel mystery guest, let us check how you perform. We can look at just one, or all, aspect(s) of the business, present a full written report and share our observations and experiences with you.

The mystery guest can visit hotels, B&B’s and any other hospitality business.

A mystery visit is a fantastic platform to learn from. It is a tool to move the benchmark forward. The guest’s expectation are constantly increasing and it is never to late to test yourself.

For a first talk in confidence; just contact us.

Design Communication Solutions

We offer a comprehensive design communication solutions service. It can be advise and help with various design communication solutions or we do the ‘whole package’. It might be an addition to what you do already, you want a change or maybe we start together from the start.

Branding, design, print, building your website are just a few examples of what we can do. In this case it can be for the hospitality sector. However, the expertise can be used and reach easily into any other sectors.

An initial conversation can lead to your best solution(s)! And, we do not charge for this first conversation.

Confidential Hotel Recruitment

Are you looking for a new colleague through confidential hotel recruitment? You can not reveal too much yet? It has to be confidential for now!

So, you would like to put ‘the feelers’ out for replacing a key team member without upsetting the apple cart or your market position? Or, you would like to get a second opinion from The Dutchman on this matter? And, all of this in total confidence.

We would love to help you. We could be an ideal postal address, help you in processing applicants, filtering out suitable candidates and dealing with informing both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

With many years of experience in recruitment, maybe we can help you with the actual interviews?

Dutch Translation Services

Are you targeting the Dutch market; how about using our Dutch translation services.

Most people can speak English. However, from a service point of view, having some or all of your communication in a variety of languages will set you apart from the competition. We specialise in the Dutch language.

And this applies to your website, brochures, walking or cycling routes and menus, just to mention a few subjects.

The hospitality guest is becoming more and more international and translation services are needed. We can cover a number of languages, but Dutch is our specialisation.

We can also be your representative or assist you abroad at trade fairs, promotional events, etc.

Let us know where and how you would like some help.

The Dutchman also has a strong interest in wines and would love to share his discoveries along the way…
''Jan was extremely knowledgeable, answered all questions asked, as well as a very engaging speaker. Everyone commented on how much they had enjoyed the wine tasting.''
Clare's Hen Party - Jan. '17
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